AWS Lambda Deployer

Leveraging AWS Lambdas for coding microservices or better say utility functions over API, for different projects has been my go-to option.

but deploying them after making changes is a bit brain tiring loop. therefore i developed a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.

Old routine 🤕, dealing with lambda

Open IntelliJ
 ↳ Write code (AWS Lambda)
  ↳ Build artifacts
   ↳ Switch from IDE to browser
    ↳ Head to AWS Console and sign in (One time step)
     ↳ Open AWS Lambda or AWS S3 web page in console
      ↳ Browse to file/folder to upload your artifact to cloud and
        hit save
       ↳ If deploying more than one lambda artifact
        ↳ Open another tab, open AWS console, browse artifact and 
          hit save
         ↳ Repeat last two steps for all lambdas to be deployed
          ↳ Switch back to IDE
           ↳ Continue coding
            ↳ <Repeat till EOD>

New routine 🤩

Open IntelliJ
 ↳ Write code (AWS Lambda)
  ↳ Build artifact
   ↳ Deploy directly from IntelliJ IDE
    ↳ <Repeat till EOD>

Bonus 🎄

this plugin also helps in case you are dealing with multiple AWS Named Profiles or AWS Organization

Update v2020.3.3 | 29 March 2021

  • Introducing support for Lambda Layers.

    You can create new versions of Lambda layers as well delete the old ones.

    Also(the most tedious task), you can update Lambda Functions to any layer version with one button, right from the IDE.

  • Support for inbuilt AWS profiles. No dependency on AWS CLI installation.

Demo videos

👉 Second demo YouTube (27 March, 2021)
👉 First demo YouTube (25 July, 2020)


Link to JetBrains Plugin website:


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