AWS Lambda Deployer

Leveraging AWS Lambdas for coding microservices or better say utility functions over API, for different projects has been my go-to option.

but deploying them after making changes is a bit brain tiring loop. therefore i developed a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.

Old routine 🤕, dealing with lambda

Open IntelliJ
 ↳ Write code (AWS Lambda)
  ↳ Build artifacts
   ↳ Switch from IDE to browser
    ↳ Head to AWS Console and sign in (One time step)
     ↳ Open AWS Lambda or AWS S3 web page in console
      ↳ Browse to file/folder to upload your artifact to cloud and
        hit save
       ↳ If deploying more than one lambda artifact
        ↳ Open another tab, open AWS console, browse artifact and 
          hit save
         ↳ Repeat last two steps for all lambdas to be deployed
          ↳ Switch back to IDE
           ↳ Continue coding
            ↳ <Repeat till EOD>

New routine 🤩

Open IntelliJ
 ↳ Write code (AWS Lambda)
  ↳ Build artifact
   ↳ Deploy directly from IntelliJ IDE
    ↳ <Repeat till EOD>

Bonus 🎄

this plugin also helps in case you are dealing with multiple AWS Named Profiles or AWS Organization

Demo video

YouTube link



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